Pet Sitting

In Home Pet Sitting Rates:

A professional pet sitter visits your pets 1-4 times per day to tend to their daily needs.

These rates are per Visit

  • 1st Pet: $20
  • Each Additional Pet: $3
  • Three or more pets: 45-min visit may be required. Rate will vary – please call 
  • Cat Medicine & Insulin Injections: $10 per injection or dose.
  • Pet Fluids: $10 per injection
  • Home Sitting or Plant Care: $18 (up to 30 minutes, no pet care)
  • Caged Pet and Fish: $2 per tank or cage
  • Client Meetings are considered a visit and priced as one visit
  • $1 surcharge applies to services rendered on Sundays
  • Extreme Weather Surcharge: $10 per visit
  • Late Booking Fee: $10 (Reservations made within 48 hours)
  • Holiday Fee: $25

Overnight Pet Care Rates:

A professional pet sitter stays overnight in your home.

These rates are per NIGHT

  • $69 per night for 1 pet
  • $74 per night for 2 pets
  • $78 per night for 3 pets
  • $  4 each additional pet after three

For more information or if you would like to make a reservation with your new Professional Pet Sitter please give us a call at (703) 232-1540 or send us an EMAIL.